I create partnerships with my clients. We’re in this together. This journey into you discovering your body and how to find not just strength, but ease and pleasure in your movements.

Pilates is a Discipline!

In order to reap the benefits of Pilates regular practice is required. You don’t have to live & breathe Pilates like I do but you will be asked to set up standing appointments once (the minimum, truly) or twice per week.

Our sessions together

Scientia potentia est: Knowledge is power
Truly, a flexible back makes for a long life. – Chinese Proverb

You will learn the Pilates repertoire (no small thing, there are hundreds of exercises in the Classical repertoire). You will learn about how your body works. You will learn about muscles you may not know you had (like your transverse abdominus, multifidus, and psoas) and how your bones move. And you will get strong without straining, grunting, or exhaustion (don’t get me wrong, Pilates IS a workout, just maybe different than what you’re used to).

After a Pilates lesson you should feel better, like you worked, but not fatigued and you may not be sore the next day. Or you may be sore the next day and not know why!

Done properly and regularly some of the basic improvements you should experience include reduction in lower back pain, better posture, increased body awareness, greater flexibility, and certainly greater core strength. Did I mention a better sex life? (just in case you needed an extra little push).


Packages entitle you to a standing appointment and offer a price per session discount. Packages expire in 3 months, so pick the one that suites your schedule.

  • 5-Lesson Package: $325
  • 10-Lesson Package: $600
  • Single Lesson: $75

Cancellation Policy

I have a mutual 24 hours cancellation policy. 24 hours notice is required to not be charged for your session but if I ever cancel on you within 24 hours you get a free lesson.