Meet the Mistress

Pilates… Mistress? {oh my}

I used to think I needed to punish myself to be fit. More weight. More reps. Harder. Faster. I worked out like that for almost 20 years. And I was in pretty good shape (I thought). I didn’t mind working out. But it sure as hell wasn’t fun.

Then those years of punishment finally took their toll and I developed a chronic injury. The ONLY thing I could do was Pilates, which I’d recently taken up because I wanted to be more flexible (Pilates, that’s like yoga, right? lots of stretching?). I was used to killing myself in the gym for 60-90 minutes 4-5 days a week. Suddenly my entire fitness regimen consisted of Pilates for an hour twice a week. I just knew I’d gain weight and lose muscle tone. I told myself I just needed to get healthy and I’d go back to the killer workouts when I could.

But something remarkable happened. I lost weight. I gained muscle definition. My butt got HIGHER. Without grunting. Without straining. Effort? Oh, there was effort. It’s hard to do leg circles with your feet in straps without your pelvis rocking all over the place (and wasn’t that an eye opener? I thought I was strong!). But the kicker? It was fun!

I pursued teacher training initially for my own edification. I just wanted to know more to enhance my own practice. I was a software designer and had no intention of teaching. But 200 hours of student teaching was part of my training so I picked on friends and family who volunteered to be my guinea pigs. One of my first students was a friend who had herniated two disks a few years before and had been in constant pain since that accident. Six weeks after working with me twice a week she walked in the door and said “I realized the other day that my back doesn’t hurt any more”. Wow! I did that? I mean, she did all the work, but…wow! I was hooked. I didn’t know I was looking for something, but I’d found my passion.

My Training

I’ve completed two comprehensive Pilates teacher training programs and am a 3rd generation Pilates teacher.

I first completed the BASI comprehensive teacher training course created by Rael Isacowitz. The BASI repertoire is fairly classical, but I wanted to know more about the origins of the Method so I subsequently completed Classical Pilates teacher training with 2nd generation teacher and International Pilates Educator Elena Domínguez-Bartley. I hadn’t had enough of the Classical work so I completed a 600 hour apprenticeship with Juliet Clingan of The Pilates Firm.

I’ve been a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA®) Certified Pilates Teacher since 2010. The PMA is the only third-party independent Pilates certification and is NCCA Accredited.

I’m committed to continuing my Pilates education and I regularly attend, and often host, continuing education workshops. My PMA certification is current and requires 16 hours of continuing education every 2 years to stay in effect. But that’s never a problem for me, I’m a continuing ed junkie. Pilates is a continual learning experience and one lifetime isn’t enough to know all there is to know. I’ve done specialized training in Pilates for osteoporosis and scoliosis, workshops in the Franklin Method (a complementary anatomy and imagery method), stretch-therapy workshops, pre-natal Pilates and many workshops with the top Pilates teachers in the industry.