Hi, I’m Tracy. The whole mistress thing is just to get your attention. I don’t own a riding crop and I don’t wear thigh-high leather boots (when I teach Pilates, at least). And I’m not a taskmaster, which isn’t to say I won’t occasionally kick your ass.

I teach Classical Pilates in a private studio in Kansas City, MO. If you’re ready to commit to the discipline of Pilates I may be the right teacher for you.

Why study with me?

  • I’m one of only a handful of Pilates teachers in Kansas City to teach Classical, sometimes called Authentic, Pilates. Classical Pilates is the Pilates method as it was developed by its creator, Joseph Pilates. And I have a studio equipped with apparatus by Gratz and Pilates Designs by Basil that was built to Joseph Pilates’ specifications (yes, it makes a difference…size matters!).
  • Maybe you’re a Pilates teacher who’s never experienced the Classical work or the apparatus Joe designed. Or you’ve had a taste of it but it came with an us-vs-them attitude. I’d love to introduce you to the method and the apparatus that I love.
  • I’ve been a PMA® (Pilates Method Alliance) Certified Pilates Teacher since 2010. The PMA is the only 3rd party independent Pilates certification and is NCCA compliant. Being a PMA-CPT means I completed a recognized teacher training program and was eligible to sit for, and passed, the PMA exam (Pilates is an unregulated industry, if you don’t study with me please make sure the teacher you choose completed a comprehensive training program).
  • I’m a 3rd generation Pilates Teacher. I completed Classical Pilates training with 2nd generation teacher Elena Dominguez-Bartley, who was trained to teach Pilates by Romana Kryzanowska, a student of Joseph Pilates. And I completed a year long 600-hour intensive program of study in Classical Pilates under Juliet Clingan who did her teacher training at Romana’s Pilates.
  • I have a well rounded Pilates education. In addition to my Classical training:
    • I completed the BASI Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training.
    • I’ve done additional training in Pilates for scoliosis and osteoporosis with Karena Thek, author of OsteoPilates and ScolioPilates.
    • I’m committed to continuing education. I regularly attend, and often host, continuing education with some of the top Pilates teachers in the industry.
  • I will infect you with my love of Pilates!